Another Step on the Path to my Dream Coming True

Silhouette of woman practicing yoga on the beach during a beautiful sunset.

I just realised last night not all my clients at the studio know my exciting news for November.  I thought I had been talking about it so much that everyone knew and it seems this is not so.

My excitement is that in November I am going to the Nappa Valley in the United States to train to be a Yoga teacher with two of the most amazing Yoga Teachers in the world Gina Caputo and Kathryn Budig.  It is a 4 week long immersion certification, so when I get back I will be able to add yoga classes to our schedule.  Yes I am not sure when but I know that it will sort itself out as everything else along the path has so far. 🙂

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Gina Caputo:

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6 ½ years ago I left my job as a Senior Management Accountant with one of Australia’s largest food manufacturers and I said to myself this is just not me.  I had a dream of one day owning a yoga/Pilates retreat where people could come to a beautiful space and practice yoga/Pilates.  So I embarked on that journey.

As you can see I am not at the end of the journey because the retreat is still a beautiful place in my mind.  But I do now teach Pilates at my own studio and now I am off to add Yoga teaching to my skills.  Which is the next step in this amazing journey towards my dream career.

As I have mentioned before it could not be further from the career I have already established myself in as a Finance Manager.  But these skills certainly do not go astray.  I have often asked myself why I went down that path that seem to be wrong, however I am entirely grateful that at least I was on a path and to be honest if not for that career I would not be able to finance my dream which is slowly but surely starting to take shape.

Anyhow essentially I just wanted to let you all know that yes I will be away for 4 weeks from November 7 – December 5, but I also wanted to let you know I am at work in the background talking to some lovely yoga and Pilates instructors who I am hoping are going to join the studio and start taking some classes.  Which will mean that you all get more timeslots to fit in some Pilates or yoga and most of all you are looked after while I am overseas get my new skills.

I hope you all are having a lovely week, and thankyou to each and every one of you, because without you, I can fulfil my dreams, which is to share the benefit of mindful movement which is my passion.




Guidance from Above


For those of you who know me, you know my Dad passed away 7 years ago.  It was the toughest thing in life I have ever had to endure, it is also one of the most defining events of my life.  I wonder if, as they say my soul chose the path of a daughter who loses her father as a young adult, so that he would no longer be here to answer all my questions about the world, but to guide me to be stronger and stand on my own two feet from above.

Throughout my journey of refining my true path in life, I have had many little signs that teaching movement in the form of pilates and yoga is the right thing for me.  They come as often as I look out for them, but I can never really be confident  is it my Dad guiding me or just a coincidence.  I share my story here not to convince anyone of life after death but mainly as a reminder that miracles do happen and if we look for signs they do come.  Also I wanted to capture it in written word so as to always remember, I am sure I will as it was the most miraculous of all signs, but I also know the gloss wears off these moments and I want to capture it while it is still vivid.

I am driving to meet the landlord’s agent at the property I am looking at to set up my first pilates studio and I have one of those moments of fear, when I think, am I really supposed to be going down this path, it is a big financial commitment, is it really something I want to do, or in fact can do, will people want to come to my pilates classes etc.

Many times when I have been unsure I have looked up and asked for some sign that this is ok, generally I get little signs every time.  So this is the time I need it to be real clear and if fact that is what I say to Dad, show me that this is the right move and be very very clear about it, in much more colourful language than that.  I then say ok, I’ll leave that one with you Dad.

Father and daughter at outdoor.

I proceed on to the property where I meet the lovely agent.  We go up to view the property and I check that it is definitely going to be ok that the landlord installs floorboards instead of carpet for my studio.  He say’s oh yes the landlord is completely fine with that as his wife is a yoga teacher too in a suburb closer to Melbourne.  So she is excited to be potentially letting it for this purpose and had thought when they first bought, it would be perfect for a studio.  So there I thought I had it my sign that I should proceed with the dream of running my studio.  Good sign dad thanks heaps.

Then we proceed to walk out to our cars and we chit chat a little and for some reason I tell the agent I am from the country.  He says really?  Whereabouts in the country? “Colac” I reply, the next thing he asks was the start of my really clear sign. “Who is your father?”, “John Chambers”, I say “Why?” I can’t remember his exact words but he is amazed and tells me that his wife used to live in the house attached to the back of my father’s old shop.  He knew my dad well and in fact the passport photo in his passport that just expired was taken by my dad when he was in the previous shop.  Which meant this man had known my dad for many years.  So here it is, the clearest sign I could ever ask for, I am on the right path.  To put it in a bit better context, I am in a suburb the other side of Melbourne 3 hours from Colac, and the chances of the two of us even meeting let alone having a discussion and realising this are slim at best.

Free woman enjoying freedom feeling happy at beach

So I have my sign, this is the path there is no turning back now, I look at the agent and tell him of my little chat with dad and then say ok let’s do this.  The following week I sign the lease and I now have the keys and took my first class this week in the new space.

Are there signs you are being sent from your angels and missing?  You might want to just check in occasionally and see.

P.S. my dad and I in my younger years are the biggest sceptics of all, we are logical thinkers but I am now a believer in all things miracles.  I also have a sense of peace around the saying that everything happens for a reason, you just have to be open to seeing the reason from any perspective.


Sonia Louise