Pilates Week 12 – Back Extension with Knee Raise

Back Extension with Knee Raise


Starting with the foam roller under your mid back, your head gently supported by your hands, raise you right leg towards you nose as you inhale and then exhale to lower.


Then as you inhale extend your upper back over the foam roller, exhale as your return to the starting position inhale as you raise your left knee towards your nose and exhale as you return to the floor.

Repeat 5 times for each leg.

Pilates Week 2 – Up Stretch

Week 2 of my challenge and the update is that it is really kind of fun to have a challenge like this, not only am I learning new ways to teach but I am also increasing my photography skills which my dear dad would be very proud of.  How good does my local Carrum beach look, I am so lucky to live where I do.

I have had a beautiful Canon Eos that was purchased before he passed away and I go through fads of using it.

Every day I find another reason to be thankful for all the things that I grew up with, my dad and his photography passion is today’s treasure.

Up Stretch

Focus: Core conditioning, strengthening the upper back and chest, and stretching the hamstrings and calves.

Precaution: Stop if you feel any lower-back, shoulder or wrist discomfort.

Pilates Week 2 - 2013 006

Sit back on your heels, with your knees and ankles slightly apart and your toes lifted underneath you so you are on the balls of your feet.  Lay your chest forward over your thighs, and stretch both arms out on the floor in front of your body, with the palms of your hands pressing firmly into the mat a little wider than your shoulders.

Inhale to prepare.

As you exhale, lift your pelvis in the air to form a pyramid with your body, pressing your heels down towards the floor and streching ot the back of your thighs and calves.

Pilates Week 2 - 2013 004

Draw your shoulders down your back towards your hips.  There should be a straight line from you palms to your tailbone and then another straight line from your tailbone to the heels of your feet, like an upside down letter V or a pyramid.

Breathe in and hold this position.

Pilates Week 2 - 2013 005

Keeping your heels as low as possible, breathe out as you transfer your body forward into a plank position, with one long line from the crown of your head to your heals.  You shoulders directly over your wrists.  To align your neck, visualise the heels of your palms as the base of the triangle and your eyeline as the pinnacle of that triangle.

Breathe in and hold this position, keeping your belly button drawn firmly towards your spine.

As you breathe out return the the pyramid position.

Repititions: Five

New year, new ideas :)

So it’s 2013 and I am on the phone to my dear mum, we are chatting all things new and somehow come up with the inspiring idea of new pilates classes on the front lawn of my brother’s house by the lake (our family home where I grew up).

2 hours later we have the plan in action, 10 weeks of classes each Saturday morning, looking for anyone in my old home town of Colac to join the class.

What a challenge for the new year but I must say I am looking forward to all the benefits e.g., seeing my dear mum, brother and his family every week, new bodies to train and transform and most of all spreading the love of pilates to those who are interested …. here’s to new beginnings in 2013, I wonder what other miracles the year has in store.

Pilates by the lake