Pilates Week 15 – Foam Roller Ab Prep

Foam Roller Ab Prep

Laying on the foam roller, reach you hands behind you head and support it gently.  Inhale to prepare drop your chin down a little and the exhale as you flex forward from the mid ribs.  Inhale and then as you exhale gently return to your start position.



Pilates Week 13 – Leg Lift with Twist

Leg Lift With Twist

Start with the foam roller under the mid back again, as you inhale raise the right knee towards your nose, as you do this twist your upper body towards that knee, carefully stabilising the pelvis with your supporting leg, exhale to return to the starting position.



Repeat 5 on each leg.  Be sure to engage your lower abdominals by gently sucking your belly button to your spine to support your lower back.




Pilates Week 12 – Back Extension with Knee Raise

Back Extension with Knee Raise


Starting with the foam roller under your mid back, your head gently supported by your hands, raise you right leg towards you nose as you inhale and then exhale to lower.


Then as you inhale extend your upper back over the foam roller, exhale as your return to the starting position inhale as you raise your left knee towards your nose and exhale as you return to the floor.

Repeat 5 times for each leg.