And She Discovered Pilates Is So Much More – By Karen

Pilates class


I have been gym junkie for years and love exercising but as I get older my muscles don’t recover like they use to.  I was speaking with a girl at work one day, talking about exercise and complaining that my shoulder and knees ache, most days walking around as if I was older than I was.  She suggested Pilates and was telling me how it changed her life.

So late last year I decided I would give Pilates a goand what a change it has made.  I have now been doingPilates classes for the past 8 months and in this time my body has become stronger, I stand taller, my core gets stronger every day and I feel fantastic. The aches and pains I once had are no longer there and I still attend a couple of high intensity classes a week, so I get the best of both worlds.

If someone would have said to me years ago tryPilates, I would have saidthis isn’t exercising looks like a stretching class.

Aerobic Pilates stuff like mat balls roller magic ring

Pilates is so much more, I get a better workout in Pilatesthan I do in other classes I do at the gym,  I am stronger through my body & mind, I have toned and I feel amazing. I highly recommend Pilates to everyone, it will change your life.



Inspired to dust off the wheels again…


It’s the first week back in the office and I have witnessed firsthand how inspiration is catching.  A few in the office have come back all inspired and talking all things bikes.

My cubicle neighbour decided he would join the every growing workers who cycle to work and when I received his text saying he got home in 1hr ten minutes I thought yes I will try this out.  So after teaching 4 classes of Pilates this week in the official opening week of the studio I head home to sort out my bike tyres and get her ready for the maiden voyage on the new (to me, because I only recently opened my eyes and found out about it) Eastlink bike trail, which by the way goes almost all the way from my workplace to my front door.

Being ever fascinated by fitness and how it catches on I have watched people get engaged about riding to work, myself included and I am still marvelling at how I myself 6 months ago could not commit but as soon as I started talking to the others and saw them do it, I found the inspiration to give it a go.

I generally do my own thing with Pilates, yoga and supping and if anyone wants to join me they are more than welcome, but I am just as happy by my introverted self.

Woman riding bicycle with her legs in the air

My bike affair has been a little different, I bought her way back when I arrived back from a year in the states, I had fallen in love with the fitness aspect of riding while working off all the dunkin donut pounds I had put on in my first few months abroad.  No kidding I was hovering between a size 14 and 16 and had never felt worse.  For someone who is now a consistent size 8 this was horrifying and the start on my path to wellness.  I started over there by myself but really got into it when I found a group of people to go riding with on weekend trips away.  It all seemed to fit with my love of being in nature and shifting those terrible pounds I had gained in the process.

So tomorrow my plan is to drive half way to one of my best mates houses, park the Mazda there, jump on my little hybrid and head off on this little adventure to work along the Eastlink bike trail.  Then work all day, and sometime after 5pm I will bike back to my mates house and pick up the Mazda and drive to the studio to take Monday nights class.

It will be a nice change from Pilates, yoga and supping as I do love to get out on the bike and see the world from a different perspective.

How about you, do you have a treadlie sitting in the garage gathering dust?

Beautiful young woman on bike