About Me

_MG_8564_low_resHi. I’m Sonia Chambers. I’m a Pilates teacher, soon-to-be yoga teacher, finance manager, Certified Practicing Accountant, friend, sister, daughter, avid learner of health/wellness, and a mum to my fur babies Milly and Bella.

But just like you I am human and I have a body that over the years has been injured, and healed through Pilates and Yoga.

My dad passed away when I was in my early thirties. Although I would give anything to have him back in my life, the path I have followed since then has landed me here, where I can provide the most value by doing what I am passionate about – providing health and wellness options for people interested in feeling better and living a full life.

When I discovered Pilates/Yoga, not only did it heal my back injury, it fascinated me by how it did, and also how it made me feel. So off I went to teacher training, not necessarily to ever teach Pilates but at least to understand why it helped me so much.

It was here I discovered how and why Pilates works but also fell in love with the idea of somehow using this knowledge to take care of others too.

I have been practicing Pilates and yoga for over 10 years, and throughout this journey I have discovered many other health and wellness lessons. My studio was created as a place where people could choose to come on their own journey to wellness and fitness. I wanted a place where I could go to class as often or a little as my body told me I needed to, in a space that felt inviting, non threatening and most of all, welcoming.

I dreamt about it for 6 years until I finally listened to my dear friend who said “build it Son and they will come”.

So here we are, I hope you come and try a class and see if Pilates/Yoga could be part of you wellness program too.




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