Early Mornings – A great time to exercise


My favourite time to exercise has always been early mornings, so far since the opening of the studio I have resisted adding early morning classes because this has always been my time to exercise with Miss Milly.

During the week however I have finally realised there may be others out there that also enjoy early morning exercise and maybe I was cutting a whole group of people out of being able to enjoy pilates in the morning because I have scheduled my classes in the evenings.

Other than my early morning walks with Mill, my favourite day is Wednesday which is the day I attend my early morning pilates class.  For the rest of the day I feel amazing and I know it is because I have woken up to do what my body needs most and that is movement.

So I have bitten the bullet and scheduled some early morning classes.  Monday’s and Thursday’s for a start to see if there is anyone else out there willing to jump out of their warm bed a little earlier and come down for a pilates session.

Hope to see you there, please do book online however because if I don’t have takers Miss Milly gets her walk instead :).




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