Pilates Week 14 – Roll Back on Foam Roller

Roll Back on Foam Roller

Place your foam roller along your mat lengthways and then gently sit at the bottom end of the foam.  Slowly using your arms to support you roll down along the foam roller until you are laying on it.   IMG_3892


As you inhale float your arms along your sides and then up over your head and then as you exhale gently start to roll back up to a seated position.  If you need to use your hands on the ground until you get your balance.


Repeat 5 times, inhaling to prepare, exhale as you roll down, inhale as the arms float up above the head and then exhale to come back up to the starting position.


Pilates Week 13 – Leg Lift with Twist

Leg Lift With Twist

Start with the foam roller under the mid back again, as you inhale raise the right knee towards your nose, as you do this twist your upper body towards that knee, carefully stabilising the pelvis with your supporting leg, exhale to return to the starting position.



Repeat 5 on each leg.  Be sure to engage your lower abdominals by gently sucking your belly button to your spine to support your lower back.




Pilates Week 12 – Back Extension with Knee Raise

Back Extension with Knee Raise


Starting with the foam roller under your mid back, your head gently supported by your hands, raise you right leg towards you nose as you inhale and then exhale to lower.


Then as you inhale extend your upper back over the foam roller, exhale as your return to the starting position inhale as you raise your left knee towards your nose and exhale as you return to the floor.

Repeat 5 times for each leg.

Pilates Week 11 – Foam Roller Extension

One of the things about commitment is that when you commit and fail the person that feels the worst is often you.  I have learnt a lot about who I am in the years since my dad passed away and one of the biggest is that I avoid commitment for this very reason, it feels terrible when you don’t follow through on the thing you said you would.

What I learned is that people fail to honour commitments everyday and it is the people who have the courage to honour their agreement that inspire me daily.  My mum and dad inspired me in just this way with their marriage. I hope that I can keep growing and learning how to honour the commitments I have in life to make them proud.  This blog was one such commitment that has for the past 7 weeks fallen away.  I have spent the weekend catching up on what I promised I would do every week this year.

What I got from this is consistent small commitments taken one step at a time are much easier than the workload of something left undone or ignored for so long it seems to big a mountain to climb.

The relevance of this to pilates is that with weekly consistent practice my body feels much better and thanks me for my efforts.  There is no way one can do a day of pilates and have the body respond compared to the person who consistently practiced for the past 10 weeks.  So here’s to commitment and looking at it from a different context.

Daily committed practice = fit/healthy/happy body even if is just 10 mins in the morning or before bed.

No body ever did something great without commitment, and now I am even more inspired to commit.

So here are the catch up exercises, lucky for anyone following because you basically get a foam roller class in one week.  I hope you enjoy :).

Foam Roller Extension


Lie on the foam roller with it just underneath your shoulder blades.  Legs lengthen out straight and toes pointed.  Bring your hands to your head and rest your head gently in your hands.


Inhale as you gently lower your upper body back over the foam roller.  Exhale as you curl forward back to the starting position and then repeat 5 times.

This is a beautiful opening exercise for the upper back.  If you don’t have a foam roller email me and I will respond with a list of places you can source them from, they range from $40AUD to $89 AUD depending on the quality of the foam they are made from.