Pilates Week 7 – The Foam Roller Pec Stretch

An amazing day on the water today, the beach was full of sunseekers and it was really hot, we had a beautiful sail and all I wanted to do tonight was just come home and stretch.

Light breezes mean there is not a lot of movement in fact you hold a position for some time while trying to catch what little breeze there is and make sure you maintain boat speed.

So tonights exercise is more of a stretch than an exercise on my favourite piece of small equipment “The Foam Roller”, it is the blue thing I am lying on.  I love it so much most of my pilates clients also own one because we use them every class and they love them too.

So when you buy your foam roller if you don’t have one already here is the stretch.

006Sit at the top edge of your foam roller and gently roll back onto it so your lying on it long ways with your head at the top.

Find your balance and breathe in and out 5 times.

Next open you arms out wide and gently drop them down to each side just above your head.  Gently release them as close as you can to the floor and feel a nice stretch and opening in the fronts of your shoulders and pec area.

Breathe in and out 5 times and then gently roll back up off the foam roller.

Even if you do nothing else after a day hunched at your desk I guarantee this will make you feel lovely.

Cheers & Happy Stretching



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