Pilates Week 5 – 4 Point Kneeling with Leg and Arm Raise

Week 5 here we are and I thought this week I would share a very simple exercise but yet when done mindfully can be very challenging for the quiet little cores muscles that I like to think of as you shy introverted types.  If your muscles had personalities that’s who they would be.  The ones who hold you up all day long and don’t necessarily wish to be seen and certainly don’t steal the lime light, and are the first to sneak away when things get loud and boisterous, that is when you superficial muscles or mobilisers take over, you know the personalities that make things happen, that’s them the big muscles that on a well toned athlete you actually see when they move.  Anyhow enough of my ramblings let’s tackle this exercise and see if you can feel your core stabilisers working softly holding your body stable will you lift and arm and a leg at the same time.

4 Point Kneeling with Leg and Arm

Goal: Core stabilisation

Pilates Week 2 - 2013 016

Step 1.  Start in a 4 point kneeling position.  Hands underneath shoulders and knees under hips.  Draw your navel to your spine and inhale.


Pilates Week 2 - 2013 017

Step 2.  As you exhale extend one leg behind you, moving nothing but your leg, keep your torso stable with your stomach muscles, inhale and as you exhale gently lower your leg back to the floor.  Inhale and then as you exhale lift the alternate leg.  Lengthen you leg out as long as you can behind you pointing your toe, but keep your torso nice and stable.

Pilates Week 2 - 2013 018Step 3.  After you have done 5 leg lifts on each side, now add in your arm lift as the same time.  So gently lift you left leg and your right arm at the same time.  Remember to keep your navel drawn in towards your spine and inhale to prepare and then exhale and you extend the arm and leg.  Repeat 5 times on each side.



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