Pilates Week 1 – Hundreds Prep

Week 1 – SLP 2013 Challenge

I finally worked out how to upload pictures one week into the challenge the beauty of life and the internet is you can learn something new everyday!

Hundreds Prep
Focus: abdominals and flowing movement

Hundreds Prep 1

Hundreds Prep 1

Lie on your back in the neutral-spine position, with your legs stretched out flat along the floor and your inner thighs squeezed together. Stretch your arms out on the floor behind you and draw your navel firmly towards your spine. Sink the back of your ribcage down into the floor and relax your shoulders. Point your toes.

Hundreds Prep 2
Breathe in and you bend your legs, sliding your toes along the floor until your knees are at a 90-degree angle, keeping your spine in neutral, your abdominals firm and the back of your ribs anchored.

Hundreds Prep 3

Keeping your tailbone anchored, breathe out as you curl forward, lifting your chest, bringing your arms over your head towards your hips and stretching your legs straight up into the air.

Hundreds Prep 4

Keeping your chest lifted, breathe in and bend your legs at the knees, touching your toes back onto the floor.

As you breathe out, return to the start position, sliding your toes along the floor as you reach your arms over your head and back onto the floor behind you.

Repetitions: Five

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