Sonia Louise Pilates 2013 Challenge

So I had another fun idea last night whilst out and about with Miss Milly (my gorgeous puppy who lives only in the present, we can learn so much from them).  I thought how can I share my passion for pilates online with those who are interested yet I can’t be with them in person like my regular clients.

I came up with the idea of posting a new exercise every week of the year, so it will be 52 exercises in total.  Inspired by my dear friend Louise who will be blogging every day, I toned it down a bit 365 exercises was not something I could commit to but 52 seems like a challenge yet achievable.

My intention is to master them all in my own practice but also master the teaching of them with anyone who wants to join me on the trip.

For a little commitment phobe like myself it is a genuinely daunting task, but they say face your fears and do it anyway, and I believe if you share a challenge someone somewhere will cheer you on so please be that cheerleader for me, God knows I am going to need it. 

Maybe not, because Pilates is what I love, learning and mastering things is also a passion my dear Dad once pointed out so combining them will make the challenge achievable.

So join me for the year by following the blog and getting your weekly Pilates exercise, along the way who knows the benefits but some of them I can imagine will be, better posture, more core strength, more peace of mind from focusing on your body and breath and maybe even a deeper love for moving your body, which we all know is one of the keys to health.

Stay tuned exercises to be posted Sunday evening every week……..

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